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On show at NATIVE HOSTEL, in Austin, TX. In conjunction with @Fadeblueart don’t miss this beast. My largest work of art so far.

This piece is a continuation of my recent works on the female divine. I feel that many people have something to say on this subject, or even on the female body. Personally, I wanted to continue my personal dialogue with the subject and my own thoughts on the impact that females (or female energy) can have on our society.

There’s a lot of turpitude and darkness in the world, and to me—the answer starts, and ends with love.

I began this series to honor the grace that female energy carries, and aids in the design/creation of a *good human being*. In the past, I have spoken on the nourishing values women bring to the world, and how without, we would be lost. I love, appreciate and respect this so much, that I truly believe that if we as a community, as a society place this familial love upon our youth—we will aid in the creation of good human beings.

As with everything though, powerful and respectful masculine energy is also a big part of the equation—however, this series is focused on honoring female energy. As developed humans, we carry and embody both. As men, we can be aware of this, be *developed*, be in touch with all aspects and emotion of daily life, and aid in the creation of space for the betterment of society. One step and day at a time.

The model is a dear friend of mine @seedofthestar. A human that I believe embodies all of the qualities of growth, and the continuation to work on ourselves that *is* being a developed human. A person that not only aids her community, but nurtures health, body, mind and love.

Shouts to @_highlandcollective_ for welcoming me in and allowing me to assemble this monster in their space. If you are not familiar with their work—check them out! Amazing group of creatives in atx.





The basis of this show began with the concept of honoring the female divinity and expanded on the impact that feminine energy has on our daily experience. The focus starts and ends on love. 

The idea began with, "Shen"—my humble attempt at depicting female divinity and the infinite power that females bring to this world. This is a statement of honor and gratitude for the magic that women carry day in and day out. An homage to their intelligence, creativity, warmth and guidance. To the nurturing values and care that keep this world from spilling onto itself bare. In a masculine world that has not given credit where credit is due, I wanted to shine a light on the nourishing impact that love has on human beings. If given the right recipe of community and care, we can grow truly good and impactful souls.

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